Ms. Tere Castro has a passion for Language and Culture.

She has been a professional translator since 1987, and has taught a variety of topics such as History of Mexico, Spanish Grammar, Hispanic Culture, Latin Literature, Political Science, Yoga, English and Spanish for over 25 years! She is a fun, dynamic and engaging facilitator!

Here are some of the reasons why her classes are so effective:
 Excellent knowledge of the use of language
 Small Classes
 30% new concepts, 70% practice
 Understanding the barriers of speaking a foreign language
 Inclusion of Cultural Differences to deepen understanding of language being

“The language we use weaves the quality of our lives, and helps us create a better reality for ourselves. Spanish is such a beautiful, romantic language I love to share the knowledge of it with everybody. Here in Tucson, Arizona we live in a highly diverse area, already Bilingual and Intercultural and learning Spanish is vital to build a bridge with the Hispanic Cultures that surround us.”

Ms. Tere Castro teachers the art of speaking and understanding the Spanish Language, using these excellent tools to get you speaking Spanish from right away! 
 Award-Wining Textbooks
 Exercises in reading, speaking, writing, and listening
 Apps
 Field Trips
 Games
 Songs
 Movies

Contact: Tere Castro | | 520-304-2918