Enhance Your Communication and Cultural Understanding

Welcome to an exciting language journey with Ms. Tere Castro. Our upcoming Spanish class is your gateway to connect with loved ones that speak Spanish, to expand your horizons, personally and professionally and to shine up your personality!

About Ms. Tere Castro:

Ms. Tere Castro, a seasoned educator and translator has been sharing her passion for Spanish and culture for over 25 years. With a rich background in teaching subjects like Spanish Grammar, Hispanic Culture, and Latin Literature, she offers a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond just language.

Why Join Ms. Tere Castro’s Spanish Class?

  • Expert Guidance: Make use of Ms. Castro’s deep understanding of both English and Spanish for a smooth learning experience.
  • Intimate Learning Environment: Benefit from small class sizes that ensure personalized attention.
  • Balanced Learning: Enjoy a perfect mix of practical exercises and conceptual learning.
  • Cultural Depth: Gain insights into Spanish-speaking cultures with synthesized historical and cultural observations.
  • Confidence in Communication: Overcome psychological barriers to speaking a foreign language.

Join Our Group Zoom Class Starting March 7th!

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Ms. Tere Castro’s Approach:

Spanish is a beautiful and romantic language that I am passionate about sharing. In our diverse and bilingual Southwest region, learning Spanish is crucial for connecting with the community and understanding the rich cultural tapestry around us.

Join Our Group Zoom Class Starting March 7th!

Our courses are very effective, but because our school is small, we can only provide information and answer questions via phone call at 520-304-2918. We appreciate your understanding and hope to speak with you soon!

Contact Information:
Ms. Tere Castro
Phone: 520-304-2918