¡Hola! Join Tere Castro for FUN team-building activities! Learn Spanish ice-breakers, popular phrases, mariachi cheers and more with her 2 hour, 4 hour, and customized activities for your office, team, family, and friends!

Choose one of Tere’s customized classes by selecting 4 items from the list below for a 2-hour class and 8 or more items for 4-hour classes! Or let Tere decide! All levels are welcome from beginning to advanced and Tere is happy to put together a custom team building activity just for you! Call 520-304-2918 or email tere@apluslang.com to learn more!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in Tere’s team-building classes!

  • Learn and take home a list of the most important words, phrases, and ice-breakers in Spanish
  • Practice your mariachi cheer!
  • Learn a few steps of “Cumbia” and other popular Latin rhythms
  • Sing a song in Spanish
  • Study cultural symbols of Mexico
  • Know your Latin celebrities and artists
  • Get the history of Mexico in a nutshell
  • Dispel myths about Mexican culture
  • Discuss the best latin movies to watch and books to read
  • Learn about Mexican food, how to order at Mexican restaurants, and take home a recipe fora favorite authentic dish!
  • Take home a list of the 10 best latin drinks from margaritas to micheladas! Learn how to order them from a bar in Mexico, or how to prepare them at home!

A Plus Language Services A Plus Language Services 

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Contact: Tere Castro | tere@apluslang.com | 520-304-2918